Bookstore day

A couple of nights ago I had dinner with a good friend who was driving through town on her way home from a conference.  We spent awhile talking about a weekend trip we want to take this fall to the Epcot Food & Wine festival.  Somehow, and I’m still not sure how, I mentioned this place I’ve been obsessed with ever since This Fish blogged about her travels in Europe.  The Cinque Terre in Italy is one of the most beautiful areas I’ve ever seen.  The pictures taken above Vernazza are stunning, in fact pictures taken anywhere in the area are stunning.   Anyway, I showed her a couple of these pictures on my iPhone at dinner and she was captivated as well.  We’re now determined to plan a girls trip to Italy (you know …. sometime in the next 3-4 years when we can afford it?!? :))  We’re already making plans to get Italian audio cd’s (or in my case files) to start learning the language and I spent some time on Amazon looking at travel books. 

(by the way – if I had a boy to take with me, I would be going here …… sigh)

Here’s where my love of technology enters to fulfill my love of planning.  It occurred to me yesterday morning that my friend who manages a local bookstore is also on Twitter.  So I sent him a direct message asking what they have in stock for Italy travel books.  Within like two minutes, he responded listing out the books.  The one I wanted was there (yay), so I jumped in the car and drove down there on my lunch break (about 5 minutes after he sent the message).  Walked in to the store, he laughed, and showed me where the books were.  Now, I could have just picked up the phone and called, but it’s such a pain looking up a phone number in the phone book or online, then waiting while they go and look through their stock, then they get back on the phone and say – yes we have X Y Z books.  Instead, I shot off a quick tweet, continued working, got a response, and decided what to do for lunch.  (It didn’t hurt that the Grain Train down the street from the store was featuring Morel Pasta for lunch either!)

So – the good news – I got a great travel book for Italy!  The other good news – but kind of unexpected – I picked up three other books from his recommendations (we have similar taste in books – except for the whole romance book thing :)), and 4 more books that he’s letting me borrow from his MASSIVE to be read shelves …. more like wall …. the man has an entire WALL of to be read books!

Here’s to Italy!


And more books on my to-be-read shelf!

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