Joust – Mercedes Lackey

joustMercedes Lackey has long been one of my favorite authors.  I flew through all of the Valdemar books, and still continue to buy and devour any new books in the series.

I picked up Joust a few years ago while on spring break, and quickly read through both Joust and the second in the series Alta.  Then proceeded to buy the remaining two books in the series as soon as they came out in hardcover.  Joust is not related to Valdemar at all,  in fact it reminds me more of the Elvenbane series by Lackey, and Andre Norton (another all time favorite of mine).

When I first received my kindle a year and a half ago, Mercedes Lackey was one of the first authors I looked for in Kindle version.  Unfortunately, many of her books weren’t available.  Since I had loaned out Joust to a friend (not sure which one though), and never received it back, I’ve been missing the beginning of the series.  I finally broke down and bought it in paper version again this spring break, and have been reading it slowly the last few days. 

Re-reading it, I find myself getting caught up again in the world of Vetch and the Jousters.  I love the world building, I love the characters, I love the controversy that she creates with Vetch starting to like his “captors” in particular Ari.

Definitely will be in my re-read list again, and this time I’m not loaning it out.   But, I did just realize another advantage of the Kindle.  Yes, we can’t share books with it….. but we also don’t have the problem of not getting them back either!  🙂

Rating: 9 – Excellent!

Amazon: Paperback


One response to “Joust – Mercedes Lackey

  1. Its been years since I read any of the Valdemar series. My favorite is either Arrows of the Queen or Winds of Fate. I gotten through about half of the Fairy Godmother book but it’s been a while since I picked it up. I loved the Elven Bane series. For some reason I’m not into her style of writing anymore but I’m not giving up either.

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