TBR Wednesday – January review


January It’s all about the category, baby. Harlequin, Sil. Intimate Moments, Harl. Blaze, Harl. Presents. A lot of readers have been enjoying some great category titles of late. Hey, they’re quick reads, too! Did you buy any of them last year and didn’t read them? Now is your chance. Don’t have any? Grab a book out of your stacks and get to reading, you’re not excused.



My choice for the January theme is Everything’s Coming Up Rosie, by Kasey Michaels.  I’ve had this on my TBR shelf for a little over a year, I think it got buried for awhile and I forgot about it.  I don’t think this qualifies as a category read, but it was published by Harlequin Books, so I’m close!  And more important,  I have at least one down on my TBR list. 🙂

From the back: What’s a dedicated bachelor doing at a week-long society wedding celebration? Doug Lllewellyn is being bored out of his skull … until a beautiful, unknown woman calls him “darling”, then plants a big we kiss on him.  Suddenly boredom is no longer Doug’s problem.

Rosie Kilgannon, she of the big wet kiss, is also a guest at the wedding, and although she’s used Doug as away to escape an amorous admirer, that kiss was really something else!  Why not enjoy each other for the week, no strings attached?

Which might have worked, if not for the weeping bride, the suspiciously shifty groom, the neurotic wedding planner … and the fact that True Love often sneaks up on the unwary and belts them right in the chops!

All in all, it was a light, fast read.  Rosie is a strong, educated, independent and quick witted woman which always makes me happy.  Doug is the typical playboy with a dating rule that makes me cringe.  He only dates women between the age of majority and 25, maybe 26.  Given he’s just turned 41 …. ummmm ick!  But he does redeem himself, and realize the error of his ways – always a good thing in a leading male character! 🙂

I probably won’t read this one again, but it was an entertaining few hours.  I will most likely buy her next book for the light hearted, quick beach read this summer.

Rating: 5 – just ok.

There are many people participating in the TBR Challenge, hosted by Keishon at Avid Book Reader.  To read other reviews, go here for a list of links.


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